RJ's Pressure Washing

Low Pressure Exterior Cleaning Specialist


RJ's Pressure Washing relies on special cleaning agents and not destructive water pressure to clean your property.  If used properly, these cleaning agents are safe for the environment.

Services Include:

  • House/Building Washing                            
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Driveway and Side walk cleaning
  • Deck and Wood Siding Restoration
Residential and Commercial Buildings:

RJ's utilizes a "Soft Wash" technique for washing Aluminum, Brick, Hardiplank, Stucco, and Vinyl surfaces.  A special cleaning agent is used to clean away the algae, dirt, and mold.  Only minimum pressure is used to clean these surfaces.

Gutter Cleaning:

Is a service that is offered which removes those black streaks that run down the side of some gutters.  The cleaning is done by hand brushing a special cleaning agent onto the gutter and allowing the cleaning agent to dissolve the black steaks.

Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning:

The cleaning process of concrete varies from one job to another.  There are several vaiables to be considered (new or old concrete, dirt, mold, grease etc...).  However most of the techniques used to clean concrete require special cleaning agents, hotwater, and some water pressure.

Roof Cleaning:

Our roof cleaning process utilizes a almost non- pressure application.  We use the same cleaning chemicals that is recommended by the Asphalt Shingle Manufactures of America.

Deck and Wood Siding Restoration:

RJ's offers a quality wood restoration service.  Wood restoration is a process that will make weathered wood look almost like new again.  The process requires the use of special chemicals that will remove the graying/blackening of the wood and bring it close to the original coloring.

If your wood's oil based stain is failing, we can strip the old stain off, and reapply new oil stain.
Latex stains require different procedures.

Beware high water pressure will damage wood!
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